In response to significant business growth and increasing market demand, Linde Material Handling Australia has unveiled a comprehensive renovation of its Spare Parts department located at its Head Office in Sydney, NSW. This initiative was driven by Linde’s need to augment its service capabilities in light of an expanding market, ensuring it is poised to fulfill both current and future requirements.

Nicholas Mavroucas, Director – Aftersales, highlights, “Over the past four years, Linde has observed a substantial growth in the Spare Parts business segment. This growth is not a brief trend, but a clear indicator of our future direction. Previously, our warehouse’s capacity was limited, restricting our ability to meet the increasingly evident demand.”

Mavroucas further stated, “This project was not solely about expanding our capacity or enhancing our facilities. It was centred on our dedication to growth, improving our service capabilities, and a proactive approach to future expansion.

“This renovation has propelled the warehouse’s capabilities. Anticipating an increase in demand, we’ve augmented our warehouse capacity by 20%.”

Mavroucas adds, “We are not merely preparing for the future; we are actively shaping it. This forward-thinking initiative is a testament of Linde’s dedication to setting industry standards, enhancing customer service excellence, and most importantly, the power of teamwork.”

Gilbert Marcel, National Parts Operations Manager, regards the renovation as a significant improvement in Linde’s operational efficiency. “This is not just a transformation in our infrastructures, but a leap in productivity levels. We are now better positioned to address new challenges more effectively and streamline our processes to minimise rework.”

At the core of Linde Material Handling Australia’s operations lies an unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service to its valued customers. This renovation presented an opportunity for Linde to elevate its service standards even further, reaffirming its position as a leader in the material handling industry.

Spare Parts team recently completed Spare Parts renovation to increase warehouse capacity