To ensure a completely impartial test regime, Linde Material Handling worked with independent test organisation TUV Nord when it first introduced a competitor lift truck testing program in 2009. TUV Nord is a global organisation with over a century of experience testing and evaluating equipment and processes for some of the world’s largest companies. It recently focussed on Linde and other makes of Diesel IC forklifts, with capacities from 10 to 18 tonnes.

The tests were conducted on 16 tonne load capacity machines from five major manufacturers and looked at the most common applications these heavyweights perform. Linde’s H160 heavy truck was a clear winner. It used between 15 and 38 percent less fuel than the next best competitors and was 12 percent more productive. And these weren’t just laboratory tests or calculations, they were typical real-world work scenarios.

Linde’s advanced heavy capacity forklifts (Heavy Trucks) have once again proved superior over competitors for both fuel efficiency and productivity.

The first involved long distance load and carry operations found in yard and port applications, with the forklifts carrying full loads over 1.6km. A second test had the forklifts lifting, moving and stacking a 16 tonne load within a pre-defined course, to check fuel economy and productivity in high intensity logistics operations. Fuel consumption comparisons were checked again with a third test which checked results from the heavyweight diesel forklifts operating with commonly used specialist attachments.

Linde emerged as the winner in each comparison – which didn’t surprise Linde Material Handling Australia CEO, Carl Smith. “The results are proof of Linde’s robust machine construction, great visibility and ergonomics within the cab, the advantages of the Linde Load Control system as well as the fuel efficient hydrostatic drive system,” he said.

“In tight areas requiring repeated reversing, the double pedal system is difficult to beat. The low fuel consumption of the Linde truck over long distances is also extremely important. Customers who invest in a Linde Heavy Truck are making the right choice irrespective of whether their application is logistics, heavy industry, yard work or requires special attachments.”

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