The H20-H35 Series 1202 counterbalanced forklift is our latest offering into the Australian market. An extremely powerful, safe, user-friendly, robust and versatile forklift that can be customised to suit almost any application.

Linde H20-H35 1202 series forklift in warehouse
Discover the H20-H35 with our new online interactive platform

We’ve developed an immersive and interactive online experience that enables you to get up close and personal with the H20-H35 without leaving your desk. Inside you’ll be able to:

  • View it from a 360 degree angle
  • Understand it’s top features in regards to 
    • Intelligent design that puts the driver first
    • It’s myriad of safety features
    • Connectivity capabilities with fleet management software
    • Productivity and efficiency
    • Power including the Linde Hydrostatic Drive, an innovative concept that we’ve perfected for the last 50 years
    • Innovative design that makes this truck one of the most robust models in the market that is purposely designed to be serviced less than our competitors
  • Build you own truck, customising it to suit your application, and submit a request for a quote based on your choices
  • Download the H20-H35 datasheet

Click the button below to launch the platform now.

A New Era for Counterbalanced Forklifts in Australia

The H20-H35 1202 Series forklift has been designed to provide the best solutions for your material flow requirements both now and in the future. It is unlike anything the Australian intralogistics market has ever seen. The Linde DNA is injected into every truck released and is always centred around safety — protecting the driver, the people working around them and the material the truck is handling — the H20-H35 is by far the safest and most productive truck in its class.

Try our new online interactive experience now, and discover the H20-H35 1202 forklift for yourself!