Linde’s major restructuring of its Australia-wide parts operations is already paying benefits for our customers. We now have the resources to provide the best available support for future customers as well as our current equipment operators. Over the last six months we have added personnel, IT and warehouse resources to maintain and enhance our benchmark status in the local industry.


As we achieve market-leading fill rates and response times for metropolitan and regional customers, our internal surveys have shown the recent changes and upgrades are already producing tangible customer benefits. Our state-of-the-art call centre software and visual queueing systems used by increased numbers of spare parts allocators are the customer-facing side of our upgrades. These are supported behind the scenes by a physically enlarged and reconfigured national spare parts warehouse with significantly increased parts holdings.

We have also centralised management of our branch spare parts resources, under the control of National Spare Parts Operations Manager, Gilbert Marcel. Our upgraded IT systems are designed to benefit replacement parts customers wherever they are located in Australia. Calls to our national call centre result in parts despatch decisions based on cost effectiveness for the customer. Parts are sourced from the nearest stockholding or from the centre from which delivery can be obtained soonest.


We maintain comprehensive spare parts holdings for trucks dating back to our earliest days of production. Legendary Linde durability sees our spare parts operation supporting many still working forklifts of a vintage which in other brands would have failed and been scrapped. Apart from our rising market share, the increased investment in replacement parts comes on the back of growing market recognition of the cost effectiveness and proven quality of our genuine Linde parts solutions.

We have observed a reduced willingness by our customers to use non-genuine replica parts, especially after failures of mission-critical equipment which have resulted in litigation. We have long been seen as an innovator in the delivery of after sales service in the material handling industry. We stand by our customers throughout Australia with industry-leading service, support and parts delivery technology.