What is a container handler?

A container handler is a specialised forklift designed to efficiently stack emptied containers and lift and handle heavy loaded containers. Their movement and operation is fine and precise, and they offer a rage of functionalities and designs to ensure they are suited to every container handling job. They are designed to maximise efficiency, with core principles like ergonomics and safety paramount to the design and usability.

How do they operate?

There are two varieties of container handler; those designed to stack empty containers, and those designed for maneuvering loaded containers. Empty container handlers are extremely agile, with exceptional maneuverability. They are thus required to be extremely stable. Often fitted with hydro-static load sense steering and a three-speed power shift transmission, empty container handlers operate quickly and efficiently and with fine precision irrespective of the stack height. They are usually made with a high tensile steel torsion resistant frame, crafted to ensure the trucks have a long service life. They can load between four and eight containers high, and between eight and nine tonnes of weight depending on the size of the machine. There are also double stacking container handlers available that allow two containers to be stacked at once.

Full capacity container trucks are high performance machines that rely on power, great stability and excellent visibility, in order to stack weighty or empty containers with great precision. They are able to lift up to 43 tonnes up to five high. They are ideal for situations where single row stacking, loading and unloading of both loaded and empty containers is required.

How can they help your business?

Container handlers can greatly benefit a wide range of businesses by offering an efficient, safe and precise solution to container and material handling. Container handlers have minimal operation costs, and work at great speeds, they are also known for their long service life. Empty container handlers work to remove and efficiently store space-wasting empty containers, while full capacity container trucks help to organise and distribute heavy loads.

Container handlers are excellent value, and can increase the efficiency and thus the productivity of a business by a staggering amount. Operator comfort is integral to the design of these machines, with ergonomically designed cabs that mean less driver fatigue and better results for your business. Look into a container handler forklift hire option for a safe and effective edition to your business.