Today's #LindeLimelight is on Seamless Industrial Solutions, a privately owned Aussie business providing expert abrasive blasting and protective coating applications in Brisbane, QLD. They needed to move odd sized steel products which required the use of a cross range of capacities of forklifts from 4.5-8 tonne. We supplied a fleet of preowned Linde forklifts that were up to the task:

  • H45D (394 series)
  • H50D (394 series)
  • H80D (396 series)

Seamless Directors, Fabian Stangherlin and Brett Clouston, have used other brands before but what stood out to them after trialling ours was our Hydrostatic Drive. Brett stated it's what we have over competitors, "the forward/reverse pedals are a great feature allowing our operators to always have one hand on the steering wheel whilst operating the lift controls so they can work productively and safely." Fabian added “The precise handling capabilities ensure they have the confidence to pick/lift and travel safely with the loads.”

Another plus is the uptime, Brett stated "Having 1000hr service intervals ensures our operators aren't always interrupted with service downtime. We couldn’t function without our Linde’s and we'd recommend them to anyone”.

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