Many companies have leveraged success from Australia’s resources Industry, but Linde customer Pilbara Access has gone one vital step further. It has positioned itself to continue to prosper even if commodity prices decline.

Pilbara Access offers professional scaffolding labour of 400+ personnel, scaffolding materials comprising of 5000+ tonne, rigging persons and rope access to mining and resource companies and its contractors from branches in Perth, Newman, Karratha, Onslow and the Northern Territory.

Seven years ago Pilbara Access commenced operations and today is a valued partner to major players in Australia’s construction, mining, oil and gas industries, with a customer list that includes local and global mining industry leaders. Pilbara Access has not only established itself, but also gone a long way towards securing its future by becoming a preferred supplier of equipment required for maintenance shutdowns on major resources projects.

Linde wasn’t the first material handling equipment company it turned to, but today Linde equipment and its after sales support is crucial to Pilbara Access operations.

“When we commenced our business, material handling plant was not a large part of our business and was utilised on an as needed basis,” company director Brian Easterbrook explained. “We weren’t particularly focused on materials handling and needed a business that could essentially mange our growing needs. I wanted to deal with a company that I could talk to and have it understand what I wanted and then act quickly and appropriately to meet my needs. Our relationship with Linde is that built on strength, commitment and clear communication and shall continue to grow; now we purchase only Linde forklifts. We still have the several other forklifts purchased by the company prior to our relationship with Linde, they are also serviced by Linde. That’s the sort of response we need because of the industry we are involved in.

“We purchased a single new Linde diesel forklift for our Welshpool yard here in Perth. We are extremely happy with that – particularly the safety aspects of its design and the service we receive from Linde’s technicians.”

Pilbara Access is committed neither to new forklifts or used forklifts, preferring a flexible approach to its requirements.

“After purchasing our first Linde as a new machine we’ve since gone with Linde Certified Pre-owned forklifts which make a better business case for the amount of work we require from them. We’re flexible enough to judge each requirement on its merits,” Brian Easterbrook said. “We are very happy with the four Linde used forklifts which we have, but every time a need arises we ask ourselves what an extra forklift’s workload might be and whether that would be better met with new or used equipment.

“We are particularly happy with the pre-owned machinery. In some places they might only be needed for a few hours per week. At Welshpool on the other hand where we use the Linde forklift purchased new, the machine is in operation for up to 10 hours per day.

“One of the things we like about our Linde forklifts is their hydrostatic drive which gives the operators such good control. We have a large number of staff operating our forklifts, not just a few dedicated drivers. They all think the Linde transmission system is great and that all forklifts should be like this. Our blokes are extremely happy with them. I was talking to our Darwin manager recently about the pre-owned Linde forklift just delivered there. He told me it looks and performs just like a new vehicle. All the others have been exactly the same.”

Much of the growth which Pilbara Access has created has come because the company has aligned itself with the culture of the mining industry, particularly regarding safety and best practice. The companies which use its services feel they are working with a partner that shares common goals.