Victorian based, bespoke co-packing solutions company LJM Marketing Services processes a staggering 60+ million products every year, using a fleet consisting of counterbalance, reach and pallet moving trucks. LJM have been using Linde forklifts since 2016 (amongst other forklift brands), and in an effort to go green, as well as fix some operational issues, they reached out to Linde for help. 
The Business Problem

LJM operates in a secondary packaging industry —which generates a lot of waste — where they unpack, repack and distribute other company’s products. As LJM are committed to introducing green policies wherever possible, they realised there were two major factors they could address that provided them an opportunity to do so.

Factor 1: LJM were using electric forklifts inside their warehouses but their gas trucks were also going in as well as out as they had to move stock to and from the driveway. LJM found that the gas trucks were contributing to excess dust build up inside the warehouse, which led to an increase in cleaning in order to keep their indoor areas spick and span. On average, LJM will move 2,000 pallets per day, so a major challenge of theirs was finding electric forklifts that were equipped to handle the daily workload both inside and outside the warehouse.

Factor 2: LJM also found that the older machines in their fleet were nearing time of replacement, requiring more servicing at shorter intervals. This was creating additional expense, not only from a servicing perspective, but also down time.

The Solution

LJM are always looking for ways to remove as many pollutants out of the supply chain as possible, so evolving their fleet to a completely electric force was a no-brainer. Linde worked with LJM to figure out the best model mix to replace their gas and older trucks whilst addressing both factors, as well as saving them money in the long run. The result? LJM took delivery of 17 electric Linde units bringing their total model mix to 13 x E20PH forklifts (1275 series), 1 x E25 forklift (1276 series), 2 x R16 reach trucks (115 series) and 4 x T20SP pallet movers (1158 series). 

Why did LJM Marketing Services partner with Linde? 

LJM Operations Manager Bernie Jamieson stated,

We’ve found Linde to be a reliable brand, and their machines don’t require as much servicing compared to a lot of other brands we have on site. We also consulted our forklift operators in the decision making process, and the feedback we received was a clear preference for Linde machines. With the removal of gas trucks we’re saving money, we have no more fumes and we have more space as we don’t need to store gas bottles. The biggest benefit of all though is knowing we’re doing our little bit for the environment.

If you’re looking to upgrade all or portions of your fleet, or would like to discuss what greener options are available for your operation, contact us. Our specialists are on-hand to help you find the best fit-for-purpose solution that suits your budget.

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