At the end of 2021, our NSW sales team delivered local Sydney business GTWORKS, their second Baoli KBE.

The business is led by mechanical engineer and entrepreneur Peter Zhu who saw a gap in the market for a ute tray solution that offered the flexibility of a custom-built tray without the hefty price tag.

When Peter started the business, he opted for two gas forklifts with cheaper up-front costs, unaware of what the longer-term costs would be.

The downtime due to ongoing maintenance of the trucks paired with the cost of storing and replacing the gas cylinders has resulted in a significant impact to our business.

Outside of cost saving, another key driver for replacing gas trucks with the electric alternative was the impact they have on the environment.

"Like in a lot of industries, automotive businesses are more conscious of the environmental impacts they're having. As a business we're working towards being carbon neutral and the electric trucks are one big step in helping us to achieve this goal."

At GTWORKS, the team pride themselves on delivering a flexible, affordable, and quality product to their customers and after more than 5 years in business, it was time to find a material handling solution that offered them the same qualities.

Peter had a few considerations and must-haves when choosing new forklifts.

First, they had to be affordable and reliable. A combination that he’d not received from his original forklift purchase.

Secondly, the space in his warehouse is tight and the team frequently take delivery of large, heavy parts and materials, so it needed to be small enough to fit in their space but strong enough to do the work.

And finally, it needed to match his move to a more sustainable business model.

We’re only a small business but we believe that everyone’s impact makes a difference.

Peter added, "It also makes economic sense. We're planning to install solar soon, which means that we’ll be able to power the new trucks ourselves.”

Having worked previously in the industry, the Linde name was one he'd recognised and associated with quality products and outstanding service but running a small business he wasn’t sure that his needs for affordability would be met - until he spotted the value of the Baoli range.

He did his research of competitors before working with the Linde team and finding the right solution for his needs, which turned out to be the Baoli KBE.

After the experience of replacing the first gas truck with the Baoli KBE, ordering the second truck was an easy decision to make. The new trucks are reliable, fit into the tight warehouse spaces and the switch to electric has made a difference to not only to the bottom line but to noise pollution and more importantly, the impact to the environment.