When you’re the business handling 80% of the iconic Sydney Markets unloading, you need a forklift fleet that consistently delivers performance, safety and comfort. That’s why earlier this year Flemington Unloading Services chose to replace their mixed fleet with one completely comprised of Linde forklifts.


Flemington Unloading Services is a family-run business that started over 30 years ago.

Director, Daniel ter Wisscha took the reins from his father and with the growth of both national and international clients since its inception, Flemington Unloading is THE name in produce unloading and delivery at Sydney Markets. They operate seven days a week, unloading and delivering, on average, more than 2,000 pallets every night.

Flemington Unloading's Linde Fleet

Scaling a business takes the right equipment

The businesses market share didn’t start where it is today. In 1991 they looked after only 5% of the unloading at the Sydney Markets with a fleet of four or five trucks but in recent years they grew their mixed fleet of forklifts to 31, which included 17 Linde trucks. 


The business started to turn heads as the first in the markets to own a Linde and after seeing the trucks in action first-hand, other unloading businesses have made the switch over to team Linde too.


The plan to move to an exclusively Linde fleet came after a review of their mixed fleet showed an astounding difference in efficiencies and costs to run between the two brands they were using.  Flemington Unloading’s independent testing found that they would save $5,000 - $6,000 per truck in fuel each year by replacing the competitor trucks in their fleet to Linde ones. So that’s just what they did, and they couldn’t be more satisfied.

"They're the best 31 forklifts in the markets." - Daniel ter Wisscha.

 Flemington Unloading's Linde Fleet in a row 

Delivering with safety, efficiency and comfort


As a business that relies on material handling equipment to deliver to their customers, Daniel told us that the two most important things to him and his team are safety and efficiency.


“The forklifts need to be running every day, without issues,” he said.


And Daniel’s Linde fleet, including the 14 new Linde 1202’s have met this brief and more.


When it comes to efficiency, in addition to the fuel savings, Daniel mentioned the 1202’s dual pedal system saves his team a couple of minutes per truck and when unloading 120 trucks in a short window, this time adds up. 


They also experience less downtime, because the Linde trucks can go 1,000 hours before needing a service, compared to 250 hours for other brands.


The busy pace of the market environment means that the forklift operators of Flemington Unloading need to be extra cautious when driving their trucks. With the 1202’s hydrostatic drive, they have peace of mind that the truck will come to a complete standstill when they release the accelerator pedal.


Daniel and his team need to get their job done before the wholesale markets open at 5am each day. This means that most of their work is done at night and with the Linde LED and VertiLights, the team get optimum illumination making it both safer and more efficient.


And finally, when it comes to comfort Daniel says there is no comparison.


"Compared to other forklifts, it's like driving a car."

Flemington Unloading's 1202 fleet

This “car like” comfort comes from the ergonomic design and engineering of the 1202 that protects the driver from impacts and vibrations. Pair this with the air suspension, lumbar support and seat heating and ventilation and you get one smooth, comfortable ride


And sometimes it’s the seemingly little things that make the biggest difference.

Daniel’s drivers love the placement of the controls on the armrest of the 1202 and say that it’s a huge improvement that reduces hand and wrist fatigue, a common issue among forklift operators.


The Linde service difference


To keep their fleet in tip top shape, Flemington Unloading has access to two Linde techs right on site. They’re there every day to make sure the forklifts are prepped and ready to go each evening, so the Sydney Markets are always stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables ready for their wholesale customers in the morning.  

Flemington Unloading team with Linde 1202 fleet

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