With a rich history spanning over six generations dating back to the 1800s, Burge Barossa, located in Krondorf, Barossa Valley, has established itself as an ‘iconic wine dynasty’, producing exceptional Australian wines. Today, it operates as a 3,000-tonne winery, processing white and sparkling fruit for premium-quality wines.

In recent years, Burge Barossa has enhanced its operational capabilities through its partnership with Linde Material Handling, utilising Linde forklifts to handle various tasks crucial to its operations. Reliant on these forklifts, they play a vital role in the winery’s day-to-day activities, ensuring smooth handling of grapes during busy harvest periods.

Discovering Linde’s innovation

David Horne, the Senior Sparkling and White Winemaker at Burge Barossa, first encountered Linde’s forklifts while visiting vineyards in the Adelaide Hills. Impressed with performance of Linde’s 5-tonne forklifts, David became instrumental in integrating Linde forklifts into Burge Barossa’s operations.

Over the past two years, the winery has relied on Linde’s H25 Internal Combustion forklift to enhance its operations. Thanks to the forklift’s enhanced traction, which makes it ideal for moving pumps, barrels and tubs, the Linde forklift is used all year round.

 Red Linde heavy-duty 8 tonne forklift with customised attachment

Cultivating flexibility for peak season

Facing an upcoming busy harvest period, the team recognised their need for additional resources. With Linde’s short-term rental solution, they could effectively scale their operations according to demand. They opted to lease an additional H25 Internal Combustion Engine Forklift and brought on an 8-tonne Internal Combustion Engine Forklift rental solution specifically for tipping bins.

 Fleet of Linde engine forklifts for vintage applications

For David, Linde’s hydrostatic drive, which provides enhanced traction, as well as its precise controls, are beneficial to Burge Barossa’s winery operations. Addressing the challenges their winery faces, David comments, “We have limited concrete areas, so traction on the gravel is a must-have, and the crushing area is tight for room, so the 8-tonne forklift was the perfect solution as it has a small footprint.”

David added, “What sets Linde apart from others in the industry, is the quality and reliability of the forklifts. The H80 was a delight to operate.”

Fortifying operations with expert service and support

Commenting on Linde’s service and support to Burge Barossa, David highlights Jamie Thompson, Linde’s Wine Industry Specialist, who has worked diligently to meet and exceed their expectations.

Linde Material Handling Adelaide Territory Manager doing customer visit

When asked if he would recommend Linde to other wineries, David answered with a definitive “Definitely,” affirming the successful partnership between Burge Barossa and Linde.

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