Health and safety protocols of any organisation should be every manager’s top priority for more reasons than one. The protection of staff and site visitors is obviously paramount. Non-compliance with regulations can have serious personal and financial consequences, but compliance and the development of a culture of safety can benefit an organisation in many ways, including on its bottom line. Sales and marketing are top tier priorities, but health and safety strategies are just as important when it comes to success in business. Do you regularly review and update your workplace health and safety protocols just like any other process within your business?

Here’s why you should:


As an employer, you are responsible, both legally and morally, to anticipate possible situations where your employees could be exposed to harm, and take measures to minimise this risk. After all, they are the core of your business and your most valuable asset. It is important that appropriate strategies are put in place and your protocol clearly communicated to all employees so that the chance of them being involved in workplace accidents is minimised wherever possible.


When staff feel secure and safe, they perform at their peak. If they know that you genuinely care about them, you will be rewarded with greater loyalty, confidence and better work ethics from your employees.


Appropriate WHS strategies can avoid a lot of unnecessary interruption and headache. A workplace related accident or fatality can cause an immediate work halt. Not only will you have to face the temporary or permanent loss of an employee, but your business will be subject to extensive, time consuming and often expensive legal scrutiny.


A workplace related accident could be catastrophic for your business. Unfortunately, a bad reputation spreads faster and sticks harder than a good one, so the repercussions could be devastating. In addition to this, a business that can promote high standards of health and safety for employees is going to be perceived as one that’s responsible and that can be trusted - and that’s bankable.


On the other hand, legal costs and payouts resulting from workplace accidents can be colossal! In fact, they have the potential to break a business financially. By implementing safe work practices you can avoid this risk and potentially save yourself huge amounts of money.

Workplace safety is not only important, it’s critical. In fact, a business without appropriate workplace precautions and strategies is really just an accident waiting to happen! And just like any other process within the organisation, WHS protocol needs to be reviewed and updated as business activities or legal requirements change.