At Linde Australia, we recognise our most important resource is our amazing people. That's why we work hard to help them realise their full potential by investing in their development - right from the start!

If you're an automotive or truck mechanic looking for a new challenge, the Linde Transition to Industrial Trucks (TTIT) program might be the perfect jumpstart you need to switch up your career. 

To give you some insight into the program we spoke to three individuals just like you who considered a career switch. The only difference? They took the leap and now reap the benefits!

Don Phil Alahakone had been an automotive technician for over 20 years before he joined Linde’s Transition to Industrial Trucks program. 14 months in, and Phil still agrees that the TTIT program was highly beneficial to his career shift. The knowledge he gained, particularly about hydraulics, was both enlightening and beneficial. When asked what Phil enjoyed most about the program, he highlighted the entirety of the program. Phil praised our trainers, even going as far as describing them as awesome, and says that he definitely recommends the program to others.

TTIT-Service Tech

Bradley Biagioni, who served as a diesel mechanic for the council before joining the Linde team found the training very beneficial and praises the TTIT program for providing him a comprehensive understanding of Linde’s forklifts. Having been a part of the Linde team for just over a year now, Bradley highly recommends the TTIT program for those individuals wanting to make the switch with no experience on forklifts.


Andrew Ellis worked as an automotive technician before realising it wasn't the perfect fit for him. So, he took a big leap and joined the Linde team. Having joined Linde Australia nearly 12 months ago, Andrew’s journey started when he participated in the Linde TTIT program, an experience he found very valuable due to the extensive information it offered. When prompted what he enjoyed most of the program, Andrew really enjoyed meeting the other Linde technicians that work alongside him. He also highly recommends the program for anyone considering making the switch to forklift technician, praising the wealth of information and brand experience it provides.

TTIT-Service Technician

As part of Linde's commitment to service development and excellence, we invite you to take the leap and become a Linde Forklift Technician through our dynamic Transition to Industrial Trucks (TTIT) program. This program, led by our Technical Training & Product Support team, spans across several weeks to ensure you get the knowledge you need to excel in your new role.

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What is the TTIT program?

The Transition to Industrial Trucks program is an intensive training initiative that blends theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to equip automotive technicians or mechanics with the required skills to succeed as forklift mechanics. It is ideal for those with previous experience who are eager to learn and take on a new challenge in a different industry.


Why should you join?

As a Linde Technician, you'll enjoy benefits that extend beyond the compensation of a car mechanic. Depending on your role, you'll receive different tools of trade, which could include a company vehicle, a mobile phone etc. Furthermore, the program offers you the opportunity to meet and establish connections with fellow technicians from across the nation. The role also offers a great deal of autonomy and provides you with opportunities for continuous professional development. You will be responsible for repairing, servicing, and maintaining Linde and non-Linde machines, thereby gaining hands-on experience and industry exposure.


By joining Linde, a global player in the Material Handling industry since 1971, you become part of our success story.

Jimmy Catolico Linde Service Technician 

"I heard about the program from my manager and decided to sign up. I found the program to be really useful and enjoyed all of the topics that we covered. I would recommend the program for anyone wanting to become a forklift mechanic as the learnings will help them with their daily tasks." - Jimmy Catolico

So, are you ready to leverage your skills in a new direction? Join the Linde team today and start your journey to becoming a forklift mechanic. We are excited to welcome you aboard!

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