We understand that for a lot of small to medium businesses in Australia, having the right material handling equipment can have a big impact on both growth and efficiency. For some, to achieve their business growth potential, they need more equipment to meet demand. The catch is, they can’t afford the equipment until they grow. For others, their old equipment may be causing inefficiencies through time spent on extra maintenance, ultimately adding to the overall business costs. That added cost could have been spent on upgrading the equipment in the first place, but outright costs can be prohibitive for some. Linde rent-to-buy has been designed as a solution to these, and many more business needs in mind.

What is rent-to-buy?

Rent-to-buy helps you grow your business or upgrade your forklifts sooner by giving you an option to pay off your trucks under a flexible rental agreement, with terms up to 60 months. You can choose from the full range of new and used Linde trucks and at the end of your term you’ll have the option to pay just one additional months repayment to own the truck(s) outright. The benefits of this solution include:

  • No deposit needed
  • 100% tax deductible repayments
  • Flexibility during the rental period – upgrade, add or remove equipment
  • Budgeting – fixed payments for the entire rental period makes budgeting easy
  • Cash flow – spread the costs over the rental period while the equipment generates income immediately
  • Flexible end of term options – buy outright with one additional monthly payment or upgrade and start a new agreement.

How does the finance work?

With a simple one-page form and fast assessment process, you can have your approval through within 24-48 hours, getting you into your new (or used) truck just as quick as you would buying it outright.

The weekly repayments

Your weekly repayments are calculated based on the outright cost of the equipment over the term you choose, up to 60 months. As part of the launch of our rent-to-buy program, we’re offering special pricing on some of the trucks in our Value and Performance range. The weekly repayments on a 60-month rental agreement for those models are:

Pallet stackers
  • Baoli ES12 $69.00
  • Baoli ER15 $109.00
Engine forklifts
  • Linde H25 Series 1220 $199.00
  • Baoli KBG25 Series 6010/6006 $109.00
  • Baoli KBG30 Series 6010/6006 $114.00
Electric forklifts
  • Linde E16C Series 1275 $195.00
  • Baoli KBE25 Series 6091 $129.00
  • Baoli KBET20 Series 6089 $129.00

Find out more about these specials below.


Pallet Trucks (24 months rental agreement)

  • Linde MT15 Series 1133 $29.90

The full Linde range is available through our rent-to-buy solution so contact us today to find out how you can expand or upgrade sooner.

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