Safety should be front-of-mind for all businesses. Being healthy and safe means being free from both physical and psychological harm, and while you may be doing all you can to create a safe environment for your teams, without the right equipment you could be putting them at risk.


That’s why more and more businesses are making the move to electric pallet jacks – like the Linde MT15 pallet truck – over the traditional manual variant.


Musculoskeletal Disorders, the silent workplace injury

While workplace injuries that occur suddenly — like a load falling on an employee — are critical to prevent, having a safe work environment also means reducing the risk of injuries that occur over time. Musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) can affect muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, peripheral nerves, and supporting blood vessels. They can be caused by a single event or more commonly, they can form from cumulative exposure to one or more hazards over an extended period.


Physical demands are the most obvious work-related cause of WMSDs, but organisational factors can also increase the risk of this disorder as well. The way in which tasks are combined to make whole jobs, a high workload or even work to rest rate ratios can all be contributing factors that slowly build towards forming WMSDs.


The health and safety of your staff is paramount, so how can switching to an electric pallet jack like the Linde MT15 reduce the chances of them getting injured or developing WMSDs?

The Manual Pallet Jack Past

Efficiency and safety have certainly improved since the introduction of pallet jacks in the 19th century. Over the years, the design has evolved to help reduce the toll on the operator’s body, whilst also increasing efficiency. Using a manual pallet jack daily can be strenuous on the body, leading to some negative long-term effects, plus it carries a higher risk of injury and accidents on-site.

Some risks of injury include:

  • WMSDs caused by repetitive actions of stopping, pulling, pushing, lifting, pumping and twisting while using the jack.
  • The inability to stop the jack immediately if there’s an urgent need to do so — it takes time and is completely reliant on the operator’s strength.
  • Difficulty in controlling the speed of the jack on an incline or decline — which again relies on the strength of the operator.


Manual pallet trucks have been tried and tested for decades, but with the ever-increasing demand on material handling, businesses need to review their operations to ensure they are future-proofed — not just for productivity but for safety as well.


The good news is, the future is already here, and it’s electric. With electric pallet trucks like the Linde MT15 pallet truck now available at an affordable price, why wouldn’t you make the switch? Learn more about the advantages of switching to electric pallet jacks in the video below.


The Future is Electric

As you strive to make your workplace safer, it’s important to ensure that the equipment you use meets your safety needs. Switching over to electric pallet jacks has many health and safety benefit thanks to a number of features including:

Powered traction and lift: Reducing the chances of accidents as well as muscular-skeletal strain on the operator’s shoulders, neck, and back

Speed control: Allowing the operator to easily manoeuvre over inclines and declines with total control and very little physical stress on their body

An automatic park brake: Preventing the truck from rolling away even when the operator takes their hands off the tiller handle

More stability: Thanks to the five points of ground contact

Prevents injuries: Thanks to a foot cover that stops the operator from rolling the truck back onto their own feet. Plus, another added benefit is enhanced security thanks to a built-in key switch. This ensures only trained keyholders can operate the truck, and it prevents the truck from being easily stolen.

As with all Linde forklifts, the MT15 electric pallet jack puts a big emphasis on operator health and safety. Users barely have to exert any force to transport loads of up to 1.5 tonnes, plus the long tiller protects the operator by keeping them a safe distance from the pallet jack. In addition, the MT15’s low chassis prevents the operator’s feet from getting crushed by the pallet truck and it has a highly effective braking system for slopes and loading platforms.


Ensuring your workplace is operating as safely as possible makes for a happier, healthier team as well as a cost efficient and productive operation.


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