There’s no better solution for pedestrian and vehicle workplace safety than the Linde BlueSpot optical driving path warning system. BlueSpot can be fitted to narrow aisle trucks and reach trucks as well as counterbalance forklifts. No additional infrastructure is required, so the need to install sensors, dedicated cabling or lights and the complications of retro-fitting in existing facilities are all avoided.

Linde's BlueSpot solution for workplace pedestrian and vehicle safety produces one of those "lightbulb moments". See how BlueSpot improves safety around doors, exits, crossings and blind corners. Watch how just two energy-efficient LED lights attached to the top of the driver's protective roof frame can transform any work environment with the most cost-effective safety solution yet.

BlueSpot succeeds where others fail

Forklift drivers often find the shrill tones of acoustic warning devices so disruptive that they switch them off. That’s never an issue with Linde’s BlueSpot solution. Drivers and pedestrians agree. This system simply works. BlueSpot is low-cost, highly efficient and easy to deploy. Talk to your Linde representative today.

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