Linde Material Handling is renowned for producing world-class forklifts that can withstand the test of time. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our forklifts to exceed 20,000 operational hours; however, recently one of our 2.5 tonne counterbalance forklift clocked in at a staggering 30,000 operational hours. 

Used forklift in front of Linde van 

Karl Rhodes, a seasoned service technician who’s been with Linde Material Handling Australia for over seven years, started working with the customer when the machine was still brand-new and has been tending to their needs in NSW ever since. Karl is passionate about providing his customers with the service they deserve, which is why he emphasises the importance of keeping up with service intervals. This dedication is what allowed this forklift to reach 30 000 hours since it's delivery in 2015. Ensuring customers are kept informed on breakdowns or awaiting parts is paramount to Karl. He believes in being transparent about where things stand, providing excellent quality of work and service.

We recently sat down with Karl Rhodes to understand how this remarkable achievement was realised.


Question: We understand that a Linde forklift recently clocked an impressive 30,000 hours. Could you share which forklift this is?

Karl: It is a 2.5 tonne Hydrostatic LPG 392 Series Counterbalance forklift with a fork positioner.  Most torque converter IC forklifts generally last around 15,000 hours, give or take.  This is the first time in my 7 years at Linde that I've witnessed our IC forklift surpass 25,000 hours as they are usually replaced sooner under our Long-term Rental (LTR) agreement. This particular machine was initially contracted for 5 years but after their contract ended, it remained with them and ended up being onsite for over 6.5 years.


Question: What does this 30,000-hour milestone for a single forklift signify in terms of productivity?

Karl: If you compare it to a car – if one were to drive a car for 30,000 hours at 60km/h, that’s well over a million kilometres. This duration is significant for a vehicle. Yes, Linde forklifts last longer and are more efficient, especially concerning fuel consumption. They are also more user-friendly; for instance, there’s no need to use the brake to change direction. It boasts touch control, eliminating the need for dragging levers. The joysticks are more straightforward, reducing driver fatigue and providing precise control.


Question: How does this forklift's longevity reflect the overall engineering quality, reliability, and superior build of the Linde brand?

Karl: It shows that Linde manufactures superior IC units. That specific machine has been remarkably reliable with minimal issues or downtime. As long as we maintain regular servicing and pre-emptively address issues, everything runs smoothly.

Linde Service Technician Karl

Maintaining a forklift fleet operational for such extended periods demands technicians who take pride in the equipment and the brand. I believe Linde produces the best in material handling and offers top-notch maintenance and servicing. My goal is to do the brand justice by providing the necessary support and fostering strong customer relationships. At Linde I think we strive to provide the best service and equipment to our customers, which is evident from our forklifts outlasting typical durations on-site.


Question: Do we have any quality assurance processes to ensure all our products match the longevity and reliability of the 30,000-hour forklift?

Karl: During servicing, we follow a checklist to ensure all is well. We regularly receive updates from Germany about any arising issues. We proactively address problems by reporting back to our technical support, which then informs Germany. They then devise strategies to prevent potential future issues.


Question: How does Linde guarantee 24/7 around-the-clock onsite availability for our customers as part of our servicing?

Karl: We have our call-out system and an after-hours call-out system to ensure we’re always available. If there’s any issues, we prioritise it and address it promptly.  Though many of our forklifts are operated intensively over three shifts six days a week, after-hour call-outs have been rare.


Question: So, given this forklift clocked 30,000 hours in just 5 to 6 years, does this mean it was used in every shift?

Karl: Yeah, it’s in constant use. After the morning shift, it’s used in the day shift, followed by the night shift. The only downtime it experiences is on Sundays.

Few achievements speak as strongly to a brand’s longevity and reliability as those that truly demonstrate it. Linde not only talks the talk but also proves that we walk the walk.


Are you ready to elevate your operations with a forklift designed to endure the test of time? Choose Linde – where extraordinary longevity, premium engineering, and exceptional customer service is the norm, not the exception.