When it's time to upgrade to new material handling equipment, Linde forklifts unrivalled productivity and unbeatable value makes the decision simple.

Whatever the size of your business or your material handling equipment challenge, there’s one brand that offers more solutions for more customers – Linde. Linde equipment has always enjoyed a reputation for quality and performance second to none, but that’s not the key reason why some of Australia’s largest forklift and warehouse equipment users have switched to Linde. And it’s not why increasing numbers of smaller businesses have also joined the trend. It’s because at Linde, we’ve transformed ourselves into solution providers, looking beyond the abilities of our wide equipment range to provide intelligent methods of meeting your requirements.

We offer the best equipment from pallet jacks to 18 tonne engine forklifts and specialised warehouse equipment, but it’s their support options which truly make a difference. The solutions we’ve developed around parts and service, short term rentals, fleet management systems, Linde Certified Pre-owned and Linde Power Solutions have been game changers for many businesses big and small. Whatever your requirement there’s a Linde solution designed to make sense for your business.

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