There’s probably no more important feature than productivity when deciding which forklift brand is the right one for your business. And that’s where Linde equipment is demonstrably superior. Productivity is at the heart of our engineering focus. Always has been and always will be.

But even though we’re justifiably proud of our engineering achievements and confident of our productivity claims there’s no better judge than an independent one. And that’s why we asked TUV Nord, the world’s most experienced independent test organisation to rate Linde forklifts against their competitors in “real world” operating situations.

Better by any comparison

Cycle times, fuel, servicing, labour and finance costs all went under the microscope, using comparative published data and independent testing. The results and the potential savings they indicate were clear cut – right across the Linde range. Linde Forklifts are up to 22 per cent more productive than their closest competitor.

Ask to see the test results, or watch a side-by-side comparison. Linde forklifts are the productivity champions. Your operators will accomplish more and they’ll do it with less fatigue, at the controls  of an ergonomic Linde forklift.

You’ll find every Linde is engineered to perform at peak efficiency levels that bring out the best in operators, no matter what their level of proficiency. Engine, transmission, hydraulics, electronics and ergonomics are designed to work in unison, delivering outstanding cycle times with minimal effort.

Lower costs, optimised usage

And Linde productivity will be just as obvious to your accountants as it is to your operators. Our unique, long service intervals reduce operating costs and Linde forklifts have been shown to consume up to 30 per cent less fuel than competitor models engaged in the same tasks.

Productivity is also at the heart of Linde’s FleetFOCUS fleet management program. It’s achieved by harnessing the power of the advanced electronics built into Linde equipment to deliver the vital data which any management reporting system requires.

With our active involvement, Linde FleetFOCUS lets you operate your fleet at its productive potential while leaving more time free to focus on other important aspects of your business – so you’ll be more productive too.

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*Established using comparative published data and independent testing by Tuv nord.  Based on Linde H25T 392 on 1000 hours use per annum.