Maximising a truck’s load capacity, without overloading the trailer is a constant challenge for operators. And with heavy loads increasing the risk of trucks tipping over and causing injuries and damage, it’s imperative that a truck’s residual load capacity can be measured quickly and with accuracy.

Statistics have shown that oversized loads are a leading cause of accidents involving trucks. Sadly, these accidents often end in injury and even fatality. Additionally, overloaded trucks are prone to premature wear and tear on suspension components and tyres, leading to increased downtime and maintenance. They are a danger to operators and to those around them and cannot be trusted to deliver goods safely and without damage.

The Linde Load Management (LLM) Safe Operation System combats these challenges by enabling operators to automatically calculate a truck’s residual capacity. The LLM system has the potential to not only increase productivity and efficiency, but to also provide a safer work environment for operators and those around them.

How does the Linde Load Management Safe Operation System work?

The LLM system enables operators to automatically calculate a truck’s residual capacity by measuring the height and weight of goods resting on its forks, providing live and real time information on the status of the weight, the fork height and any remaining residual capacity.

Additionally, speed is automatically reduced when the steering reaches a certain angle, with the limitation then maintained in relation to the residual value. Acceleration regulation also is maintained in relation to the steering angle and load weight.

LLM is fitted with a warning and safety system, which triggers whenever it detects possible danger. Featuring both visual and audible alarms, operators are more likely to receive the warning, when in noisy or darkened conditions.

What are the Overall Benefits?

The benefits of the LLM system are endless. Operators can confidently ensure their load is at or below capacity, without taking undue risks or relying on guesswork.

The fact that the loads are within capacity helps ensure a minimal amount of damage to goods, with the fast-working LLM calculations speeding up the loading process and therefore cutting down on delivery times.

LLM also helps increase the safety of the workplace environment by lessening the likelihood of a truck tip.

These benefits ultimately increase efficiency and productivity, ensuring less damage and downtime for both the goods and the truck.

At Linde, we are proud of the high productivity and safety advantages of our machinery. We understand the challenges faced by owners and operators, in complying with the statutory requirements for the training and instruction of personnel, maintaining correct maintenance intervals and managing truck downtime for damage and technical reasons as well as changes to legal framework conditions and requirements.

The Linde Load Management Safe Operation System is a development which has the capacity to save lives and to increase profit margins. We are proud to be a provider of equipment which incorporates the latest safety features, delivering highly cost effective and productive logistics.