Storage space is precious and business owners must make the most of every spare inch.  Since storage is expensive, many warehouses and distribution centers are optimising their capacity by stacking goods on racks and shelves that can be up to 8 metres high – some as high as 13 metres!

The challenges presented by warehouses with tall storage racks and shelves can be daunting. High reach truck drivers face daily challenges of working in restricted areas, coping with mast deflections and oscillations on their vehicles, and the risk of damaging shelving, infrastructure or their load.  Stacking and/or retrieving goods from high shelving is a time consuming and highly-skilled job. Mast oscillations experienced by high reach trucks are more pronounced when the vehicle is laden, and operators must constantly ensure that loads are positioned correctly on the racking to avoid the ‘chimney’ effect.

When stacking or retrieving loads at great heights, there is the potential for the mast to sway, lose control and cause a collision.  This type of expensive and dangerous accident slows down work cycles, raises stress levels for the operator and increases safety risks for drivers and other people in the workplace.

To help reduce the demands on high reach vehicles and their operators, Linde has developed a revolutionary Dynamic Mast Control system based on Linde’s ‘Electric Reach Drive’.

How does it work?

The core of this brilliant innovation is a powerful and highly sensitive intelligent Reach System, which is housed in the vehicle’s motor compartment.  Sensors at the top of the mast detect any oscillation, while measurement units determine the lift height of the vehicle and the weight of the load.  Data collected is sent to the Electric Reach Drive which the Dynamic Mast Control (DMC) system uses to compensate and minimise mast oscillation and deflections by seamless, efficient and rapid counter movements of the reach carriage.  The result is a smoother, more efficient and safer way of handling loads at every level.  Time isn’t wasted allowing for the mast to stop wobbling before the operator can continue with the job at hand.

Linde’s Dynamic Mast Control ensures a faster and more efficient cycle time and a safer and more productive environment, with less opportunity for accidents.