With superior power, performance, and safety, the Linde H25 Series 1202 engine forklift is the robust solution to all your material handling needs. Its intelligent design puts the driver first, offering exceptional comfort, versatility, and protection no matter where you’re working.

And with rent-to-buy payment options from $319 per week, you could get to work with the 1202 sooner than expected.

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Linde 1202 — Built for Performance

No matter what you’re transporting, the Linde 1202 engine forklift can adapt to the situation. With three different driving modes – economy, efficiency, performance – the 1202 lets drivers adjust speed and acceleration for maximum handling and capacity. It’s the most powerful engine forklift in its class!

With hydrostatic drive – perfected by Linde over the past 50 years – this truck delivers precise and responsive drive performance. It also has a closed and maintenance-free hydraulic system that transfers engine power without loss, guaranteeing fast direction changes, manoeuvring ease, smooth starts, and precise loading and unloading.

Designed for the Driver

Inside the spacious cabin, you’ll find intelligently arranged controls, a range of ergonomic seat variants and the best visibility available for an engine forklift.

The controls were designed to require minimal physical effort, thanks to a multi-function, multi-directional armrest featuring Linde Load Control that keeps necessary movements to a minimum. And the small, decentralised steering wheel is easy-to-handle so drivers can manoeuvre quickly and accurately with little effort.

Superior Safety is a Standard

When it comes to safety, the Linde 1202 series engine forklift comes in at the top of its class, yet again. With a range of passive safety features and a variety of warning and assistance systems, including Linde Load Assist, it’s one of the safest engine forklifts on the market today. Learn more about one of these features, Linde Curve Assist, in the video below.

Everything on the 1202 was designed using Linde’s holistic approach to safety. The slim, asymmetrical mast profile and narrow A-pillars partnered with a lowered front plate and a spacious well-lit driver’s area offer unmatched visibility all around.

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