Linde’s whole-of-life cost advantage

As all too many businesses have discovered, the forklift purchase price can be just the tip of an iceberg, unless you’re buying a Linde. Let’s face it, if you’re looking for the cheapest forklift, then that’s probably what you’ll get, but you’ll also be left with the costs which arise from achieving that “bargain” price. Unfortunately, cheap pricing is often a good indicator that ownership costs will be anything but cheap. At Linde you’ll find that our prices are competitive. It’s the whole-of-life costs of our equipment that are low. And while fuel, service and down-time costs of many forklifts can take the gloss off what may seem to be very attractive pricing, that’s where Linde equipment really shines.

Engineered to minimise operating costs

Every Linde forklift is engineered to deliver exceptional economy over a very long working life, because we understand reliability, durability, fuel and operator efficiency play a key role in keeping whole of life costs low. The benefit for you is a forklift that’s not only better now, but also better in the long run. Make your own enquiries. Speak to long term Linde owners, check the prices our equipment commands on the used forklift market and calculate the fuel cost savings you can expect as a Linde operator. Consumption varies by application, but fleets switching to Linde equipment have reported fuel cost savings of up to 30 per cent over their previous forklifts.

Supported like no other

The superior engineering of Linde equipment, especially the hydrostatic drive system, also delivers another long-term ownership cost saving benefit. With fewer parts to wear and fewer to maintain, Linde service intervals are far longer than other manufacturers. That means less downtime and greater productivity. It’s not just our forklifts that are designed to ensure whole of life costs are minimised. The Linde Material Handling organisation is dedicated to support your equipment, with industry leading parts and service operations designed to deliver what you need when you need it. Choose Linde and your equipment will receive whole of life support that adds real value. For more information on how Linde can help your business, contact Linde Material Handling today.