Monitoring a fleet of forklifts can be a big challenge. Whether you manage a large, busy workplace with multiple shifts and many different personnel operating your vehicles, or run a small-sized operation, it can be very hard to accurately monitor forklift usage and stock/premises damage without a detailed vehicle management system.  FleetFOCUS can transform your workplace and help you stay on top of forklift safety.

Linde’s FleetFOCUS

FleetFOCUS is a detailed yet flexible system that takes the hard work out of keeping track of what’s going on in your business.

It is a vehicle management program that monitors materials handling vehicles and their daily usage, allowing business owners to observe the condition of the vehicles, the way they are being driven, and the efficiency with which they are being used.  Comprehensive reports of automatically collected data are available for designated recipients and your Linde specialist for review. This allows managers and business owners to easily identify areas for continual improvement.

How does the FleetFOCUS system work?

A swipe card or pin system ensures that only licensed and approved drivers are operating your vehicles.  Pre-operation checklists must be completed by drivers before the vehicle can be operated, and if the reports aren’t completed properly, the vehicle is locked out in a creep speed until inspected by a supervisor.  These reports can be viewed through the web portal or sent directly to managers and/or supervisors.

The system uses a built-in sensor to record and monitor vehicle impact – a practical way to reduce damage to stock and infrastructure on your premises.  Impact levels can be adjusted according to what you consider is an acceptable level. When this is exceeded, a report of the incident can be automatically sent to supervisors, team leaders and/or business owners for investigation.  The speed of the vehicle after a ‘red’ impact alert is automatically reduced and can only be reset by approved personnel.

The benefits of safe vehicle operation using the FleetFOCUS system are being proven by businesses both large and small, right across Australia.  Implementing the system in your warehouse / materials handling business can significantly increase the safety of your personnel, valuable fleet of forklifts, and help preserve the quality of the goods you handle.