Driving a forklift is a big responsibility, and there is always the potential for accidents to occur.  When they do, the ramifications can be significant for businesses, families, and communities.

The Importance of Visibility

One of the challenges facing forklift drivers every day is operating in areas of limited visibility. Doorways, corners, aisle junctions and other blind spots can be high risk areas for drivers and pedestrians alike. To minimise these dangers, forklift operators often resort to twisting when reversing, which can have long-term physical effects on their bodies.  The result can be less efficient work cycles and down-time due to workers suffering from posture-related injuries and an increased risk of collision.

Is There a Solution?

Linde’s Reverse Proximity Alarm has been specially developed to reduce the potential for accidents in confined or low visibility areas.  State-of-the-art electronics used in this alarm combine both visual and acoustic warning systems for the rear and sides of the truck.  This combined with an automatic speed reduction feature (which is activated when an obstacle is detected), assists the operator when driving in high risk areas.  Zones and speed reduction settings are individually adjustable to suit the needs of the specific business.  The alarm system warns pedestrians of the vehicles approach and assists drivers in maintaining safe speeds in confined areas.

Business owners have an obligation to provide a safe and ergonomic workplace for their employees.  The Linde Reverse Proximity Alarm is a proven technology that can reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace, while preventing damage to stock, racking and other vehicles.

Continued Training Helps Guarantee Staff Safety – Linde’s Driver Training Courses

Appropriate training for forklift operators is very important.  When drivers and pedestrians are both aware of the potential risks in the workplace, the likelihood of accidents naturally decreases. An educated workforce is more mindful of things that could possibly go wrong and can actively work together to prevent accidents from occurring.  Linde offers comprehensive driver training courses and in-house education for all staff members.

Forklift safety is a very important issue. When staff and business owners work together to implement and adhere to appropriate safety measures, the likelihood of injuries in the workplace drops significantly.

Let us know if you’d like more information about Linde’s Reverse Proximity Alarm technology and/or our forklift driver safety and training programs.