If we’ve learnt anything from decades of working with Australian wineries, it’s that there’s no one size fits all solution when it comes to their material handling needs. 

While two vineyards might produce the same volume of wine each year, the number of grape varietals, their methods, and the way they run their vintage could differ vastly which means they don’t necessarily need the same equipment. 

That’s why we will work with you to understand your specific needs both during vintage and for the rest of the year before recommending equipment and payment options to suite. 

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If you want to know more about the range first, below we’ve listed the most common forklifts wineries use across both the Baoli and Linde ranges. 


Engine Forklifts

Engine forklifts still prove to be the most popular option with wineries in Australia.


Both the Baoli and Linde range of IC (internal combustion) trucks come in diesel and LPG options, with LPG being favoured, likely due to gas being less likely to impact the taste of the final product.


These forklifts are also compatible with rotator or tip attachments which our team will arrange to be sourced and fitted ahead of delivery.


KB(D)G25-35 and KB(D)G50+ range

The most popular of our trucks is currently the budget Baoli KBG range.


With load capacities ranging from 2.5 tonnes up to a massive 10 tonnes, it’s no surprise that these versatile forklifts make light work in the winery not only during vintage but throughout the year.


They also come standard with tons of safety and ergonomic features which you can learn more about here.


KBG25 Somos Wines


H25-35 1220 Series

The Linde 1220 delivers increased efficiencies thanks to the truck’s hydrostatic drive train and hydraulic system. The hydrostatic drive makes critical serviceable components like clutches obsolete and the hydraulic system reduces the use of the brakes.


These innovations mean that the 1220 can run for longer between services which translates into low service costs and little-to-no downtime during your next vintage.


It has a load capacity of 2.5 – 3.5 tonnes and is packed with the latest in safety features including an innovative Linde Clear View Mast for better visibility and Linde Load Control for automatic speed based on load weight.


Find out more about the 1220.




Sharing a lot of features with the 1220, these trucks are low-maintenance, versatile and perform under tough conditions. 

If you’re looking for the longer run-time of the 1220 but with a bigger load capacity, the H40-H50 can lift 4 – 5 tonnes making it the perfect choice. 

H40 Container Capability


Electric Forklifts

Although the engine forklift are the most popular with wineries, the move to electric is being seen across all industries in Australia, including the wine sector. 

With sustainability and a switch to renewable energy sources being cited as the top reasons, for some wineries adding more solar to their energy grid, the long-term cost reductions also play a big factor. 

As with the engine forklifts, the Baoli and Linde electric trucks can be fitted with rotator and tipping attachments. 


KBE20-25 & KBET18-20

With a lift capacity of up to 2.5 tonnes, Lithium-ION battery and low operating cost, the Baoli KBE and KBET forklifts are a great intro into electric. 

The KBE series is a tough, energy efficient forklift featuring low maintenance parts and the 3-wheeler KBET series offers a lot of the same features as it’s 4-wheeler big brother but with higher manoeuvrability thanks to its 3-wheel design. 

KBET20 In Use


E16-P-E20 PH 1275 series

This Linde electric forklift series provides operators with a superior driving experience thanks to a design that incorporates high-level engineering and quality materials.


The 1275 series has a lift capacity of up to 2 tonnes and includes as standard Linde Traction Control, a feature which automatically distributes power to the front wheels to help prevent spinning wheels on slopes and slippery surfaces.


Check out the full electric range.

Inkwell Wines Linde Electric


Pallet stackers and trucks – No forklift licence required


ER15 & ES12

These two Baoli electric pallet stackers are great for reaching and transporting smaller loads like say, pallets of wine.

The ER15 is a reach stacker and can carry up to 1.5 tonnes with a lift of up to 5.5m. The ER12 can lift up to 1.2 tonnes up to 4.5m. Perfect for wineries with warehouse or storage facilities. 

And the beauty of both these trucks is that they’re simple to use and can be operated without a forklift licence. 

ES12 In The Warehouse


The Pallet Trucks

The smallest of the electric pallet trucks, the Baoli EP15 lets you transport up to 1.5 tonnes, even in tight spaces. 

Packed with features including an externally charged Lithium-ION battery and effective park brake to keep the truck in place even on an incline, the EP15 is a great addition to the winery when you want to make quick work of some of those smaller day-to-day jobs. 

Like the Baoli pallet truck, the MT15 has a load capacity of 1.5 tonnes and is great in small spaces. 

The electric traction and lifting performance lets the operator transport heavy loads while exerting minimal force, and the longer tiller protects them by keeping them at a safe distance.  

Currently using a manual pallet jack? Learn how making the switch to electric could improve your workplace safety. 

EP15 In The Warehouse


Most of the Linde and Baoli range are available to rent, to purchase outright or through our rent-to-buy program.


Get in contact today to find out if we can help elevate your next vintage.

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