From grape to glass, the winemaking process is complex, encompassing various aspects. Linde offers innovative solutions that can be equipped with specialised attachments to enhance your operational efficiency during this vintage season and meet your unique needs.

Enhancing winery operation with forklift attachments

A large part of our forklifts' versatility stems from the range of attachments available through our partner supplier, transforming standard equipment into specialised tools for winery operations. Whether you’re handling delicate wine barrels or managing large pallets of bottled wine, these attachments ensure for smooth and efficient operations.

Maximising efficiency with attachments

There are countless attachments available to equip your equipment with. By adding the right tools to your forklift, you can enhance their efficiency and streamline your operations. Whether it’s moving and stacking barrels, handling large containers, or managing pallets of bottled wine, the right attachment will assist you in your needs.

Here are some of the specialised attachments Linde can customise for your equipment:

  • Rotators allow for better positioning of bins and loads, making them useful for dumping.
  • Barrel clamps are designed to grip, lift and transport wine barrels securely, minimising movement and potential damage during handling.
  • Drum handlers facilitate the handling of standard-sized drums, ideal for managing liquids used in or produced by the winery.
  • Carton clamps offer a secure way to handle large boxes or cartons of wine bottles, reducing the risk of damage to the product.
  • Forward tippers are hydraulic slide-on attachments that enable bins to be lifted and tipped forward up to 220◦ to empty their contents.

Whether you need a set of rotators or forward tipper, for barrel handling or wine bottle transportation, Linde works with the best to ensure you have access to a range of forklift attachments to make your operations more efficient.

Linde forklift in the swing of harvest season

Your partner in winery success

Linde understands that no two wineries are the same. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of forklift attachments to ensure we can meet your specific requirements.

As you navigate the challenges and opportunities of the winemaking process, let Linde be your partner in winery success. Our offering extends beyond our products – with our various flexible finance options available, Linde is ready to elevate your vintage!

Contact us today to discover how we can streamline your operations to ensure a smooth transition, from grape to glass.