Increased Safety and Comfort

Healthy workplaces pay off for everyone. That is why Linde forklift trucks already offer the best figures for the reduction of oscillation, vibration, and impact – for less backache. That is why Linde invented the rotatable driver's workstation; for for relaxed and safe forklift driving. And that is also why the Linde engineers are constantly working to improve operating ergonomics. At Linde, health and safety also means comfort.

"Drive backwards if the load obstructs your forward view; but use a rotating seat if you have one. Otherwise the frequent twisting will put excessive strain on your spine." That, in brief, is the recommendation set out for drivers and operators.

Linde forklifts will, from now on, be offering its customers a practical and cost-effective solution for IC trucks with a load capacity in the range of 2 to 8 tonnes. With the rotatable driver's seat the operator can rotate the entire driver's cab through 90 degrees. As in reach trucks, the driver sits at an angle to the direction of travel and has an unrestricted view of the driving route.

The rotatable seat is recommended for all applications involving bulky loads which obstruct the view and which make it necessary to drive backwards. This is because the rotatable driver's workstation increases operational safety. At the same time, the driver's back is also protected. All the driver has to do is turn their head to see in the direction of travel. If the driver looks to the other side, he can see the load. Thus, the spinal column will never be excessively twisted. This prevents fatigue and protects the health of the driver.