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E25S Series 1276

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E25S Series 1276

Discover E25S

Linde's E25S electric forklift is designed for high throughput whether you are stacking, transporting, loading or unloading. Its advanced design includes compact axle technology, which features two three-phase traction motors integrated into the front axle and maintenance-free brakes. It also has advanced energy management technology to ensure smart, transparent energy consumption.

Performance Performance

Very well known as electric trucks with IC truck performance, Linde electric trucks are delivered with powerful electric motors and an intelligent electronic control. These both together form an impressive and compact powerpack to deliver a benchmarking productivity.

Safety Safety

A robust overhead guard, redundant controls, effective traction control, optimal visibility, and high residual load capacities are key elements of the Linde E25S design to boost safety. The Linde Protector Frame connects the frame and the roof of the driver's area, turning the space into an enclosed and robust protective zone. The truck's overhead tilt cylinders allow for slim, encapsulated lift mast profiles – improving visibility and increasing safety during load handling.

Ergonomics Ergonomics

Precise work at a high performance level is only possible for an extended period if the operator is comfortable. That's why all the controls in the spacious E25S driver's cab are ergonomically laid out. These include the adjustable armrest and seat unit, Linde Load Control, and dual pedal control, that allows for swift reversing without the driver even having to shift their foot to another pedal.

Productivity Productivity

Linde has a reputation for developing electric trucks with IC truck performance and the E25S lives up to that claim thanks to powerful electric motors matched to an intelligent electronic control system. This combination provides a compact powerpack to deliver a benchmark productivity. The motors allow the E25S to achieve strong acceleration, top speeds, and climbing power – and all with low levels of noise.

Reliability Reliability

Linde forklifts are engineered for the most challenging work environments, with fully sealed aluminium component housings provide a superb protection from dust and dirt ingress. Cutting edge drive and lift motors and contact free hydraulic mini levers underline the premium standard of this electric truck.

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Choosing the right forklift for your business can be time-consuming and often confusing. We’ve kept this presentation deliberately brief while still being informative. If you’d like to know more about this or any other model in our range, or perhaps need a professional assessment of your needs, we’re here to help.

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E25S Series 1276
E25S Series 1276

E25S Series 1276

E25S Series 1276

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