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Effortless Safety Now on sale!

Eliminate manual handling, increase safety and boost productivity with Linde’s all electric MT12 + MT15 pallet stackers.

Linde MT12
Series 1131

RRP $2,900

Linde MT15
Series 1133

RRP $3,800



A powerful 0.65 kW drive motor permits top speeds up to 4.5 km/h and the lithium-ion battery guarantees non-stop operation for up to three hours, charging takes only 2.5 hours.

Injury Risk

Features such as a low chassis height, long tiller arm, electromagnetic brake and an emergency belly switch combine with compact dimensions to ensure safety even in confined spaces.


All operating elements are located in the ergonomically shaped tiller head, including the dual butterfly lever for convenient control of the truck with both hands. Battery weight is just 3.7 kilos.

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Linde MT12 Series 1131

Linde MT12 Series 1131

$2,490 + GST

1.2 Tonne Capacity1.2 Tonne Capacity

  • Li-ION technology. 2.5h charging time with 3h autonomy
  • Easy plug & fast charge with wall mounted charger
  • Robust cover provides full protection on drive system as well as providing perfect protection of operators feet
  • Traction and left controls grouped on ergonomic tiller head
  • Low-mounted and long tiller ensures enough safety distance between the operator and truck
  • Electromechanical brake when tiller arm is vertical
  • Castor wheel system provides more stability when cornering and avoids scraping

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Linde MT15 Series 1133

Linde MT15 Series 1133

$2,850 + GST

1.5 Tonne Capacity1.5 Tonne Capacity

  • Traction and lift controlled from the ergonomic tiller
  • Electromechanical brake when the tiller arm is at vertical position and automatic braking when the butterfly button is released
  • Robust metal cover provides full protection on drive system and also provides perfect foot protection
  • Low-mounted & long tiller ensures enough safety distance between the driver and truck
  • Built-in charger for convenient charge anywhere/anytime
  • Battery discharge indicator with automatic lift cut-off function when 20% rest capacity for longer battery life
  • Robust chassis with reinforced fork structure

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*Subject to availability. Offer expires 31st December 2019. Excludes delivery.

Pallet stackers that make light work.

Linde pallet stackers are the go-to workhorses you can absolutely rely on to get the job done with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficiency, even in the hands of the inexperienced. Choose a Linde pallet stacker. It just works.

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