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Linde Enterprise Solutions Complete Forklift Fleet Control, Power and safety

Linde Enterprise Solutions - Complete Forklift Fleet Control, Power and safety

Linde Fleetfocus Linde Fleetfocus

Linde FleetFOCUS is a genuine breakthrough for fleet management and workplace health and safety. It’s the Linde solution to put you in total command of your material handling equipment resources. Review workplace health and safety compliance, cost efficiency and accountability via a web-based interface and engage with Linde as a strategic partner to assess important data to simplify and streamline your decision making. Access important fleet information on your PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone and receive real-time status reports on your material handling equipment and its operators’ performance. FleetFOCUS is the solution which builds on the efficiency and productivity of your Linde equipment to identify fleet utilisation and operational issues before they impact on your bottom line. Combined with Linde’s continuous consultation process, there simply isn’t a better, more time-effective solution to manage your fleet.

  • Real-time 24/7 Vehicle Reporting
  • Pre-operational Safety Checks
  • Measureable Productivity Gains
  • Idle Equipment Reporting
  • Impact Reporting
  • Access Control

Utilisation, FleetCheck

Linde Power Solutions Linde Power Solutions

From replacement batteries and chargers to battery handling equipment and specialised consulting expertise in battery room design, Linde Power Solutions offers a comprehensive service to operators of Linde and all other brands. We can provide the best hardware, experience, and consultancy services for your electric forklift or electric warehouse equipment investment. Even if you don’t have the benefit of using Linde equipment, we can meet your needs because we’ve partnered with one of the world’s most respected brands to source batteries, chargers and diagnostic sensors to suit all brands. Our high-tech, reliable forklift battery usage and care monitoring system could add up to three years to the service life which could be otherwise be cut short by neglect, improper maintenance or abuse. This powerful solution is available either as a stand-alone service or can be integrated as part of the Linde FleetFOCUS fleet management program.

  • Protect & control your resources
  • Maximise power & minimise cost
  • Scheduled & real-time monitoring
  • Extend battery life by up to 3 years
  • New and Replacement Batteries
  • Chargers and Battery Handling Equipment

Linde Power Solutions

Linde Safety Solutions Linde Safety Solutions

You won’t find a material handling company more committed to safety than Linde. It’s built into our engineering DNA, from outstanding operator sight lines, to industry leading ergonomics and the inherent no roll-away safety of hydrostatic drive. We’ve built on that by introducing expert operator training, programmable speed limiters, access control through the FleetFOCUS fleet management system and the simple but effective Safety Pilot and BlueSpot Safety systems.

  • Increase Safety
  • Increase Productivity
  • Minimise Operating Errors
  • Reduce Stock Damage
  • Reduce Equipment Damage
  • Lower Operating Costs

Linde BlueSpot Safety Light

Linde BlueSpot Safety Light

Linde Safety Pilot

Linde Safety Pilot

Linde Dynamic Mast Control

Linde Dynamic Mast Control

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