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KBG25 Baoli Series

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KBG25 Baoli Series

Discover KBG25

The Baoli KBG25 offers the combination of quality, performance and support rarely found in a forklift which is built to be simple, practical and economical. Linde Material Handling Pty Ltd distributes and supports the KBG25 as part of a wider Baoli range. Discover why Baoli should be on your shopping list.

Performance Performance

The Baoli KBG25’s excellent performance is based on a perfectly matched engine and torque converter transmission package teamed with excellent hydraulics. This combination results in a strong performing forklift that delivers lower fuel costs, reduced emission, lower maintenance costs and an overall reduction in the cost of ownership.

Safety Safety

The design of the Baoli KBG25 incorporates safety as a central theme, from its low centre of gravity to ensure stability at high lifting heights, to its overhead guard with plexi-glass rain cover and LED spotlights. It also has a swing-down bottle bracket to allow safe and efficient bottle changes.

Ergonomics Ergonomics

Ergonomic features to assist the operator include a suspension seat, adjustable steering column, access and egress from left and right hand side and class leading vision through the wide-spaced triplex mast. The operator’s work area also has hidden tilt cylinders to optimise KBG25 floorboard space.

Productivity Productivity

The Baoli KBG25 offers buyers a productive, safe new choice in the economy segment of Australia’s internal combustion / torque converter, counterbalance forklift market. Its extensive feature list which includes a standard side shifter ensure operators can get through their work at consistent high rates.

Reliability Reliability

Powered by one of the best-known forklift engines in the Asia-Pacific region, the Baoli KBG25 has the credentials to keep on keeping on. With coolant fluid replacement intervals of 2,000 hours and oil change intervals of 500 hours this is a forklift designed and built for the workplace, not the workshop.

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Choosing the right forklift for your business can be time-consuming and often confusing. We’ve kept this presentation deliberately brief while still being informative. If you’d like to know more about this or any other model in our range, or perhaps need a professional assessment of your needs, we’re here to help.

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KBG25 Baoli Series
KBG25 Baoli Series

KBG25 Baoli Series

KBG25 Baoli Series

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