Physical safety in the workplace has become one of the biggest concerns for business owners internationally.  From office situations to busy warehouses and loading docks, companies are investing time and money into providing safe and secure working environments for their employees and the public.  Materials handling is one of the most hazardous activities carried out in a business environment. Ensuring that forklift trucks are up to standard and providing maximum protection for operators is paramount.

Materials handling necessitates proficiency and skill.  It always requires 100% attention of the operator. Some of the challenges facing forklift truck drivers include:

  • operating in confined spaces
  • operating where there is heavy traffic
  • loading and unloading from high racking
  • limited visibility
  • operating in noisy environments

Considering these varying factors, it is easy to see that many drivers operate their vehicles every day in extremely challenging environments.  The speed at which the vehicle is driven can sometimes, therefore, present considerable concern.  Excessive speed and sharp braking increase the risk of accidents: loads can move or even shed, trucks can topple, and drivers, pedestrians and inventory are all exposed to danger.  As a business owner or warehouse manager, it’s not possible to physically monitor every vehicle being used at any time, hence the necessity for a system to control driving speeds, and to monitor and record this important information.

To combat speed-related incidents in the workplace, Linde has developed a unique safe operation feature: Automatic Travel Speed Control.  This innovative, retrofit system is right up there on the cutting edge of technology: it provides a practical solution to automatic acceleration control (which can be set and adjusted by managers depending on the danger level in the area) to ensure that vehicles can only travel at approved speeds.  The addition of the Linde Curve Assist System ensures that the vehicle’s speed is automatically adjusted as it corners. Providing a safer working environment for operators and personnel in the vicinity, as well as protecting other vehicles, buildings and loads.

As a business owner, it’s your duty (both moral and legal) to provide a safe and secure workplace at all times.  This is no small feat however, installing an acceleration control system allows you to enjoy the peace of mind that your materials handling vehicles will be operated at safe speeds, whether you are on site or not.  When accidents do happen, they are likely to have nasty repercussions, both physically and financially so it’s wise to take every precaution possible to eliminate the chance of mishap.

Training employees is also an integral part of maintaining a risk-free working zone.  Linde offers customized in-house training courses to ensure that all personnel are equipped with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to conduct business activities in a safe and competent manner.