The Baoli ES12 – 104 is the 1.2 tonne capacity electric pallet stacker - made for the economy market.


Ergonomic and intuitive, the ES12 is built to deliver long-term reliability and performance to Australian businesses on a budget. With all components guaranteed by KION Group and the backing of the national service and support network of Linde Material Handling, there’s no need to compromise when it comes to Baoli.

Baoli ES12 


ES12-104 Series Performance


Lift up to 1.2 tonnes with the ES12 which is packed with features designed to help warehouse operators achieve high and efficient work rates. The electric pallet stacker is built using advanced AC technology and a vertical gearbox configuration that provides outstanding strength and durability.


Baoli Electric Forklift Ergonomics


The Baoli ES12’s design delivers when it comes to operator ergonomics. The centrally mounted tiller means that the operator has an excellent view of the fork tips or load while keeping their feet protected. The tiller control handle is easy and comfortable to use with fingertip lift/lower buttons and thumbwheel forward/reverse lever.


Baoli ES12-104 product image


Baoli ES12 Forklift Safety


When it comes to material handling in any business, safety is the most important issue. With the Baoli ES12 you can be sure that the features are designed with safety in mind.    


Features include the safe hydraulic system which prevents the mast from dropping abruptly in case of any sudden loss of hydraulic pressure. There’s also an anti-roll back system to keep the load steady on slopes and to stop the truck from rolling back when starting and stopping.


The ES12 also comes standard with a lift limit and speed control to ensure safe operation when there’s an overhead obstruction and automatically reduces the truck’s speed when the load is above ground level.


But hurry! There’s limited stock and the Baoli EOFY Sale won’t last forever, in fact it ends 30 June 2022!

Visit to learn more, and place an enquiry with us today.

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