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12 months used forklift warranty 12 months used forklift warranty

Limited time only Offer expires 31.12.2017

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Hurry! 12 months used forklift warranty

Forget about the usual 30 days warranty your current supplier may be offering you.

Buy any used forklift until December 31 and receive a full 6 months comprehensive warranty as well as a generous 12 months warranty on major components.* This limited-time offer represents a huge peace of mind extension for any used forklift buyer. You’ll get a warranted competitively priced truck with Linde’s backing available for service and parts supply. And unlike some equipment available on the used forklift market you’ll also get:

  • Wheels, tyres and chains safe and within legal tolerances
  • Greasing and lubrication carried out
  • Operator’s handbook provided
  • Working battery and charger provided with electric units
  • Any overdue services completed based on factory service intervals